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"Not everyone is in the position to help animals, but everyone is in the position not to harm them."

- Anthony Douglas Williams.

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Our Mission

We believe Humans & Animals are the Heroes for each other!
Be kind and respect to our lives !

Public Education

We visit school and community centre to teach proper attitude for respecting & caring for the animals.
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Education Hub 

A place to collaborate with various animals ngos and provide education opportunity to general public.


Paws Hero

Harmony amongst all creatures

Paws Hero want to uphold the harmony amongst all creatures, embrace with mutual respect for building a better life via public education & awareness campaign.  Target to eliminate all cruel behaviour which including abuse, poisoning, and abandon.   


Human act as a Hero to animal & animal would comfort our soul.  They are contributing to the community and being the Heroes for each other.

We are different but we can build a joyful inclusive life together!

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