Kick-off Doggie Fun Day

Walk with your furry friends in Lee Tung Avenue on 26 Oct 2019. 

Come & learn to raise fund for House of Joy & Mercy(阿棍屋).

In the coming November, all furry can help when they go for the walk.   Every step counts!

At Lee Tung Avenue, we would lead you to experience how to help the shelter animals.

Welcome all paws & legs!!!

Date: 26 Oct 2019

Time: 12noon to 6pm

Venue: Lee Tung Avenue, Wanchai


Learn to raise fund with legs, Doga (Dog Yoga), DIY dog toys, How to read pet food label, Weight Management, Face painting

This November,
every step count!  $8/KM

You & your beloved furry walk together to accumulate all distance which is equal to $8/KM.  Our generous sponsors would donate money & match with your recorded kilometre (KM) in November.


All your contribution can help the animal shelter - House of Joy & Mercy(阿棍屋) who are taking care of stray and abandoned animals.  They are deserved to be loved & chance to have a forever sweet home.

You & your furry family member would help the needy.

Image by Yura Fresh

Step 1

Before you start walking….

Download walking/running apps for record the walking distance

and taking photo.

Below are some suggested apps:

Nike Run Club



Map my walk

Tractive Dog Walk


Step 2

Start walking…

Turn on the apps and take a photo with furry friends in the walk.

Save the check-in record with photo when finished the walk

dog 24.jpg
螢幕截圖 2019-09-26 上午12.34.15.png

Step 3

More furry friends walk together at one trip, more KM are counted.

    Just multiply the number of furry friends which raise more money!!!

Target:10,000KM, You can make it!

Use walking or running apps to help record down all KM and submit to us.

1 KM = $8  

Step out & walk more in November.

All furry friends in House of Joy & Mercy(阿棍屋) would be benefited.  You can prepare a wonderful gift to them in the coming Christmas.

Check-in & upload


Upload the record with photo to Paws Hero on daily basis or by lot to….

For more easier way to upload by lot,
you can do it in a collage photo
We can get all the KM in a glance.