About us

We believe Humans & Animals are the Heroes for each other!

Our Mission

Paws Hero is a non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of animals.

The 2 major beliefs of Paws Hero:

  • Uphold the proper attitude to live with animal

  • Eliminate and prevent cruelty to animal


Our Vision

"A world filled with kindness and respect to animals."

We are different but respect bring harmony & build an inclusive community. We want a better world where there is no more homeless animals and abuse. We hope that everyone in our community is kind to animals, respect and learn how to live with them. 

They are happy, We are happy!

​Our Work

Education can change behaviour & create great value.

Our 2 main focus are:

Public Education Programme (PEP) – Interactive storytelling programme with kindergarten student.  Teach them about proper attitude to animals, what is adoption & how to respect each other.   

Education HubA space created and collaborate with other charities, organizations, animal shelters to hold events and educate the public to treat animals with respect. Create synergy to strive the better living with animals. 


​Our Team

Board Member

Ms Jennifer Yu 

As a legal professional, I strive for justice and believe animals are citizens of the earth, they should be treated with equal love and respect as human beings. Here at Paws Hero, we hope to raise social awareness of animal welfare and to strive for a truly animal-inclusive community in the future.

Dr. Lam Ho Yi, JP

A passionate & creative entrepreneur, Dr. Lam believe Humans & Animals are the Heroes for each other.

Dr Loretta Ching 

A medical professiona, Dr. Ching l I hope one day, everyone in the world will learn to live with all animals in harmony. Paws Hero is a great platform providing education and volunteer work for this purpose - starting with treating our pets, other cats and dogs right. We will fight animal cruelty, breeding farms, and all issues that diminish their rights as living things, and we will stand strong!