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"Inspire new ways of thinking, enhance knowledge, improve behaviours and create great values."

A place to educate!
Stop Cruelty to animal.  Build Harmonized community.

A place to Co-work with animal organization!

Create Synergy.  Acquire bigger impact for wellbeing.


Where do stray animals come from?

‧ Got Lost

‧ Abandonment of animals

‧ Huge demand for pets

‧ Animal breeders who breed pets for profits

‧ Unsprayed animals and their offspring


How to put an end to this?


Respect Life.

Minimize cruelty.

It is a life, not an object!

It is a friend, not a toy!

It is a lifetime commitment.

It is a life, be kind even if you don't like it.

Education Hub have various activity

– adoption day, workshop, seminar,

   training (public or in-house),etc.

If you are interest in any public event, contact us for more details.

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Founding Co-working Partner:

adoption note

What you need to know about adoption...

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For any collaborations in Education Hub regarding animal welfare or partnerships, feel free to contact us on: info@pawshero.org

Let’s do something good for animals together!

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