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Paws Hero

Education Hub

"Inspire new ways of thinking, enhance knowledge, improve behaviours and create great values."

A place to educate!
Stop Cruelty to animal.  Build a harmonious community.

A place to Co-work with animal organization!

Create Synergy.  Acquire a bigger impact on wellbeing.


Where do stray animals come from?

‧ Got Lost

‧ Abandonment of animals

‧ Huge demand for pets

‧ Animal breeders who breed pets for profits

‧ Unsprayed animals and their offspring


How to put an end to this?


Respect Life.

Minimize cruelty.

It is a life, not an object!

It is a friend, not a toy!

It is a lifetime commitment.

It is life, be kind even if you don't like it.

Glance of Paws Hero Education Hub

Glance of Paws Hero Education Hub

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Education Hub has various activities

– adoption day, workshop, seminar,

   training (public or in-house), etc.

If you are interested in any public event, contact us for more details.


Event Calendar

Founding Co-working Partner:

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Adoption Note

adoption note

What you need to know about adoption...

move your cursor to see the tips ...

Be careful when choosing the adoption organization

Choose reputable animal organisations to prevent profit-making frauds. Fraudulent organisations  may try to sell animals illegally while covering up as a legitimate shelter.  These organisations will try to make money from new owners by selling them  food, grooming products and health supplements, or asking for mandatory donations. If you see that most animals in the shelter are pure-breds then you should be aware,  as most shelters are more likely to house mixed breeds than pure-breds.

Reputable animal organisations for your reference:


Remember you are adopting a real life, not a toy, and it’s a lifetime commitment

Building a relationship takes time. When you found your new family member,  please spend more time on this relationship like newly-weds. This is why legitimate adoption agencies will take the time to screen and qualify new owners. They might visit your home, ask you to become a volunteer and make sure your home is safe for the animal. They are the final gatekeeper to make sure the animal is going to the right family and will live happily ever after.

Neutering  your adopted animal

To minimize the growth in the number of stray cats and dogs, and for their long-term health benefits, all adopted animals should be neutered.

Animal shelters need to take care of large number of animals they retrieved from different places, providing them with food and shelter, as well as taking care of their health.

They also have to neuter and vaccinate the animals, and the operation of these activities could be costly, which could become serious financial pressure for the shelter. Therefore some shelters will charge new owners fees for neutering and basic vaccinations. If you are considering an adoption, please check with different shelters on their relevant charges before adopting.


Understanding the

adoption process

Make sure that you clearly understand and agree to your preferred animal shelter’s adoption process and requirements because each shelter will be different.

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For any collaborations in Education Hub regarding animal welfare or partnerships, feel free to contact us on:

Let’s do something good for animals together!

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