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Water Fun Day 

Furry friends had a great time with family in a sunny day to celebrate mid-autumn festival.   

All furry meet new friends and enjoyed freely swim and run.  Hot in the air but they look cool!

All donation go to Animal Friends to support their free desexing service to village and warehouse animal. 

Dog Massage

Learning appropriate regular massage technique which can help to release the stress on your doggie.  Significantly strengthen their muscle & well-equipped a stronger body. Massage is a very good practice to maintain a healthy and happy life for your beloved friends.

All attendance are pleased to learn such useful knowledge in a relaxing environment. 

Donation raised from two workshops which support Kelly Animals Shelter and Animals Home respectively.

Doga x PetMassa

Wellness for doggie & their dearest family.  All furry friends enjoyed a lot with gentle massage with favour aroma.  Furthermore doing yoga together in a relaxing atmosphere.  All of them are happy for establishing stronger bonding & trust.

All lesson fee donated to House of Joy & Mercy who is helping a lot of stray and abandoned animals. 

10000KM for Vaccine

$20 = 1KM

All dog owner walk their dog & record down the mileage they walked in the whole month of November 2018 for raising fund to support the vaccine for the animals in Maison de Charlotte pour des chats et des chiens Sarl (沙律猫狗之家).  By the persistence of all furry friends, 3,582KM are collected.  Gratitude to the generous sponsor Paul&Shark who donated HK$80,000.

One Step One Paw

Walk dog is a well-being activity to both the furry friends & owner.  Walk more not only build a good bonding but also benefit the other animals in need.  It is a charity walk and every dog joining the walk, our sponsor will make a contribution of HK$100 to designated animal groups..

Pawfect Date

PAWFECT Date is Hong Kong's first ever human and dog speed dating adoption event.

Meet, learn about and mingle with dogs that are waiting for adoption.

Volunteer work

Paws Hero in Action solicit volunteer to help out at animal shelters.

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