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Move Your Body!  Help the Furry!

You can help raising money to harmonise our life with animals.


One Step One Paw support Paws Hero Education Hub to educate – Stop Cruelty to animal  & create synergy - Acquire bigger impact for wellbeing amongst human & animals.


Walk 1km = $8

Start to accumulate all KM from the dog walk and upload all record before 1 December 2020.


Date: 1 - 30 Nov 2020

Time: Your Preference!

Route: Your Preference!

Every step counts! 
1KM = $8

You & your beloved furry walk together to accumulate all distance which is equal to $8/KM. Our generous sponsor would match the donation with your recorded kilometre (KM) in November. All your contribution can help the Paws Hero Education Hub  which provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for adoption day, animal related workshop and training, etc. It spreads the message to respect life and create synergy with other animal groups to build a better community.


You & your furry family member are the ambassador to build a beautiful place for everyone.

One KM = $8. Step out & walk more in November.

Your move create an inclusive and harmonious relationship to achieve ultimate happiness for all.

[How to submit record?]

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels_white

@Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Home Workout

Not only walking can help, but Home Workout with your beloved PAWS can do so.

Any exercise with your beloved furry friends can help raising money. Yoga, Plank ,or any exercise which may allow your friends to join, sit beside you or monitoring your move, all count.  If you do not have real PAWS, toy animals are welcome!

1 photo = 1KM = $8

1 video = 3KM = $24

You submit & the sponsors will do the matching and donate money to Paws Hero Education Hub.

[How to upload?]

15s plank    Challenge !!!

15s plank viral video to invite 2 friends to join. 


Raise awareness to spread the message for animal welfare.  It is also a $24 donation if you submit the video to us. 

Let’s fight for harmonized community with PAWS together!


Paws Hero X Clean Air Network (CAN)

While we try our best to stay away from air pollution, let us not forget our furry friends as well. Recent studies have confirmed that respiratory illness in dogs is associated with indoor and outdoor air quality. Traffic emissions are the main source of air pollution in Hong Kong. Only three roadside air monitoring stations are located in Central, Mong Kok and Causeway Bay, which is not sufficient to provide the significant data for improving our air quality.

One Step One Paw specially appointed 10 Paws Hero volunteers will help collecting air data while walking this year.  Not only walk for donation to support animal welfare but also collect air data to measure the air pollutants of different walking routes and voice out for the health of both humans and animals. 


Team of Air researcher :

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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About Paws Hero Education Hub

A place to educate!
Stop Cruelty to animal.  Build Harmonized community.

Education can inspire new ways of thinking, enhance knowledge, improves behaviours and create great values.

A place to Co-work with animal organization!

Create Synergy.  Acquire bigger impact for wellbeing.

Fist Adoption Day :  15 Nov (SUN)
1pm – 5pm

The furry friends from House of Joy & Mercy are inviting you to give them a chance. (MAP)


how to Submit Record

For Dog walkers, please follow Step 1 to 3 before upload! 

For home workout, you can directly go to "Check-In & Upload!"

Image by Yura Fresh

Step 1

Before you walk...

Download walking/running apps for record the walking distance

and taking photo.

Below are some suggested apps:

Nike Run Club



Map my walk

Tractive Dog Walk


Step 2

Start your walk …

Turn on the apps and take a photo with furry friends in the walk.

Save the check-in record with photo when finished the walk

dog 24.jpg
螢幕截圖 2019-09-26 上午12.34.15.png

Step 3

More furry friends walk together at one trip, more KM are counted.

    Just multiply the number of furry friends which raise more money!!!

Check-in & upload


Upload the record with photo to Paws Hero on daily basis or by lot to….

For more easier way to upload by lot,
you can do it in a collage photo. 
We can get all the KM in a glance.