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6 Ways to Support

Past walk

One Step One Paw is a fun walk  fund raising annual event.

It raised  $335,000 to support animal welfare in the last 4 years. 

Super Matching

Ways to Support

Super Matching

Donation of $300 or above & our sponsors will match what you donate. As an appreciate token, you will receive a “sniffing mat” for your beloved furry friend. (The mat is distributed randomly upon availability)


Donate NOW! Home for homeless dog and Paws Hero Education Hub would be benefited.


Walk 1 KM=$8

walk dog...or cat... or bird... or tortoise...

Use walking / running apps to record your walk dog distance in the whole month of November.

Accumulated little become big!

Our sponsor will donate for your walked distance.


All your contribution can help the Home for Homeless Dog and Paws Hero Education Hub

Your move create an inclusive and harmonious relationship to achieve ultimate happiness for all.

Our dearest sponsor ProVet will prepare a heart warmed gift packs to the Top 13 walkers who accumulated the most mileage in November. Walk more, Raise more & get a nice gift for your furry friend.

Home for Homeless Dog

They promote animal welfare, rescue and provide treatment & care for injured, homeless animals.  They select the potential adopters carefully to make sure that the dogs would have a stable and happy forever home with their new families.

Paws Hero Education Hub

It provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for adoption day, animal related workshop and training, etc. It spreads the message to respect life and create synergy with other animal groups to build a better community.

Home Workout with furry friends

Not only walking can help, but home workout with your beloved PAWS can do so.

Any exercise with your beloved furry friends can help raising money. Yoga, Plank ,or any exercise which may allow your friends to join, sit beside you or monitoring your move, all count.  If you do not have real PAWS, toy animals are welcome!

Upload a workout photo with furry friend, our sponsor will donate $5!


1 Photo = $5

DIY fundraising page

Create DIY fundraising page to raise donation amongst your family and friends.



To set your own target on walking distance and money to raise.  Not only get the support from your own circle, but submit the milage to us to claim the donation from sponsor’s matching.  
Double up the donation & benefit more furry friends !

How to create DIY fundraising page? (video created in 2021)

How to make donation with DIY fundraising page? 

Sniffing Workshop

Sniffing is hugely beneficial for dogs and essential for their wellbeing. It’s stimulating too! Experts tell us just 20 minutes of sniffing is equivalent to an hour’s walk in terms of enrichment for your dog.

Let’s learn more, practise & be the routine of the dog!

6 Nov (11:30am-12:30pm)

12 Nov (2:30pm – 3:30pm)

20 Nov (11:30am-12:30pm)

Fee : $1300 (1-2 family member with 1 dog)

Venue : Paws Hero Education Hub (Cheung Sha Wan)

5 dogs only, space is limited!

Home for Homeless Dog Adoption Day

If you want to give a sweet and permanent home for the furry friends, Please come to ....


Date :  13 Nov 2022

Time : 1pm - 5pm

Venue : Paws Hero Education Hub (Cheung Sha Wan)


Paws Hero Education Hub

It is the first co-working space for the animal well-being in Hong Kong.  It located in Cheung Sha Wan with easy access.  It provide a space for activity which can benefit animal and human.  We honored to have Hong Kong Assisted Animal Therapy Association, House of Joy & Mercy and Charitable Dog Yoga teacher, Sandie as our founding co-working space partner. 


A place to create synergy!


A place to educate!


Home for Homeless Dog

They promote animal welfare, rescue and provide treatment & care for injured, homeless animals.  Forever home is the goal to them.

Big Thanks to all generous sponsors!
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