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One Step One Paw is a fun walk  fund raising annual event.

It raised  $275,000 to support animal welfare in the last  3 years. 

Past walk


One Step One Paw 2021

animal lovers can support in 4 ways

walk dog...or cat... or bird... or tortoise...

Use walking / running apps to record your walk dog distance in the whole month of November.

Walk 1km = $8


Accumulated little become big!

All your contribution can help the Paws Hero Education Hub which provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for adoption day, animal related workshop and training, etc. It spreads the message to respect life and create synergy with other animal groups to build a better community.


Your move create an inclusive and harmonious relationship to achieve ultimate happiness for all.

Home Workout with furry friends

Not only walking can help, but home workout with your beloved PAWS can do so.

Any exercise with your beloved furry friends can help raising money. Yoga, Plank ,or any exercise which may allow your friends to join, sit beside you or monitoring your move, all count.  If you do not have real PAWS, toy animals are welcome!


1 photo = 1KM = $8
1 video = 3KM = $24

You submit & the sponsors will do the matching and donate money to Paws Hero Education Hub.

Create DIY fundraising page to raise donation amongst your family and friends.

DIY fundraising page


To set your own target on walking distance and money to raise.  Not only get the support from your own circle, but submit the milage to us to claim the donation from sponsor’s matching.  
Double up the donation & benefit more furry friends !

How to create DIY fundraising page

How to make donation with DIY fundraising page?

Online donation

If you don't have time to do any of 3 ways but still want to support our furry friends...


You can just make a  donation!

partner with special olympics
to uphold inclusiveness

Animal are our best friend. We care and love them, they return their love without judgement. Athletes from Hong Kong Special Olympics join with their furry friends this year.  They join “feet” & walk for upholding inclusiveness.  We all need a harmony relation of Human-Human and Human-Animal.


Quote from Athletes of Special Olympics Hong Kong

Candy Wong & Hei Hei
Sports:Speed skating

Love to play & sleep with him.

Don’t Shop!  Support Adoption!

Yvette Or & Coal
Sports:Figure skating and Bocce

Love to play & talk to them every day. Cleaning their house & bathing them regularly is my important duty.  

Not everyone is in the position to help animals, but everyone is in the position not to harm them.

Wilson Man & Momo
Sports:Basketball, Bocce and Bowling

My family member MoMo loves to play and sleep with me.  It is so comforting & relaxing that I’m being with him together.  Mo Mo cares and consider my thought.  We should respect and protect animals.

Richee Lee & Pochee

Pochee makes me happy and warm. Not only playing & feeding, grooming and cleaning is important.  She is my family. Please love the animals.

Kurtis Siu & Cole
Sports:Golf and Figure skating

No matter cats or dogs, they are our family.  We need to care and love them as my family.



The Paws Hero Education Hub is the first co-working space for the animal well-being in Hong Kong.  It located in Cheung Sha Wan with easy access.  It provide a space for activity which can benefit animal and human.  We honored to have Hong Kong Assisted Animal Therapy Association, House of Joy & Mercy and Charitable Dog Yoga teacher, Sandie as our founding co-working space partner. 

Education Hub

a place to create synergy!


a place to educate!


For Dog walkers, please follow Step 1 to 3 before upload! 

For home workout, you can directly go to "Check-In & Upload!"

how to Submit Record

Image by Yura Fresh

Before you walk, download walking/running apps for recording the walking distance and photos.

Below are some suggested apps: 

Nike Run Club



Map my walk by Under Armour

Tractive Dog Walk


Start your walk … Turn on the apps and take a photo with furry friends in the walk. Save the check-in record with photo when finished the walk!

dog 24.jpg
螢幕截圖 2019-09-26 上午12.34.15.png

More furry friends walk together at one trip,

more KM are counted


Just multiply the number of furry friends which raise more money!!!


Check-in and upload


Upload the record and photo to Paws Hero on daily basis or by lot to...

Paws Hero Official
facebook Page
  • add hashtag #OneStepOnePaw

螢幕截圖 2021-10-03 下午5.04.37.png
螢幕截圖 2021-10-03 下午5.03.29.png
螢幕截圖 2021-10-03 下午5.00.32.png
or YOUR own facebook 
  • add hashtag #OneStepOnePaw

  • tag @PawsHeroHK

  • post privacy: PUBLIC

螢幕截圖 2021-10-03 下午5.01.27.png
or Instagram
  • add hashtag #OneStepOnePaw

  • tag @PawsHero

  • account privacy: Public

For more easier way to upload by lot,  you can do it in a collage photo. 
We can get all the KM in a glance.
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