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Walking Together

How are AAT sessions conducted?


Each session of AAT will be conducted by an on-site certified AAT therapist. For individual sessions, there will be one therapist and one therapy dog team (owner and therapy dog), and for group session there will be one therapist with one to two therapy dog teams. Usually, in order to establish trust between the animals and clients, the therapist and dog teams will not be changed over the course of the therapy. (An individual course will usually last from 8 to 10 sessions, while group therapy courses will be 6-8 sessions depending on needs and progress).

Every case will be thoroughly assessed by the therapist to come up with the appropriate intervention plan. The therapist and therapy dog team will work together to decide a specific programme objective and continuous intervention plan for those with special needs.

“Would you be willing to walk with us this new year? Your Laisee will send hope to the children, and let our animal friends become heroes.”

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