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Walking Together

Partnering with Animals


For example, if the child has difficulty in emotional expression and adjustment, the therapist will design tailor-made emotion-related interactive games or sharing to facilitate the bonding. The child will be able to learn how to express and adjust his/her emotions through relaxing and experimental activities. Every session will also be adjusted according to individual progress. More importantly, the feelings of the therapy dog will also be taken into account to ensure that they are also well-motivated to engage in the interaction happily and safely.

The effectiveness of animal assisted therapy has been highly commended by frontline workers, teachers and parents, most apparently in areas of communication techniques, emotional adjustments and improvement of self-image. We hope that through this collaboration programme, we can extend this unique service to children and adolescents from different background. Many parents and professionals have now come to understand from a new perspective the abilities and contributions animals can make to our society.

“Would you be willing to walk with us this new year? Your Laisee will send hope to the children, and let our animal friends become heroes.”

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