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how to Submit Record


For Dog walkers, please follow Step 1 to 3 before upload! 

For home workout, you can directly go to "Check-In & Upload!"

Image by Yura Fresh

Before you walk, download walking/running apps for recording the walking distance and photos.

Below are some suggested apps: 

Nike Run Club



Map my walk by Under Armour

Tractive Dog Walk


Start your walk … Turn on the apps and take a photo with furry friends in the walk. Save the check-in record with photo when finished the walk!

dog 24.jpg
螢幕截圖 2019-09-26 上午12.34.15.png

More furry friends walk together at one trip,

more KM are counted


Just multiply the number of furry friends which raise more money!!!


Check-in and upload


Upload the record and photo to Paws Hero on daily basis or by lot to...

Paws Hero Official
facebook Page
  • add hashtag #OneStepOnePaw

螢幕截圖 2021-10-03 下午5.04.37.png
螢幕截圖 2021-10-03 下午5.03.29.png
螢幕截圖 2021-10-03 下午5.00.32.png
or YOUR own facebook 
  • add hashtag #OneStepOnePaw

  • tag @PawsHeroHK

  • post privacy: PUBLIC

螢幕截圖 2021-10-03 下午5.01.27.png
or Instagram
  • add hashtag #OneStepOnePaw

  • tag @PawsHero

  • account privacy: Public

For more easier way to upload by lot,  you can do it in a collage photo. 
We can get all the KM in a glance.
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